Complete Growing Systems

IAG offers complete indoor growing systems capable of producing commercial crop yield equivalent to several thousand square feet of land. All our growing systems use our patented technologies. We offer comprehensive customer support packages so we’re with you every step of the way, from placing your order to your first harvest.

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FarmBox is a complete aeroponic growing system  capable of producing a variety of lettuces, herbs, fruit and green vegetables. The pre-built system inside a repurposed shipping container includes everything you need for a successful harvest, anywhere in the world.

A single FarmBox is equivalent to two acres of land in terms of crop yield, meaning it is 130 times more land-efficient than open field farming. FarmBox is stackable, so you don’t need any more square footage for multiple units.

Many popular herbs, fruit and vegetables flourish particularly well in a FarmBox, including strawberries, cucumbers, peas, lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, basil and mint. Your initial investment in a FarmBox can produce multiple cycles of delicious, healthy, high-value crops for years to come.

This system also offers an effective mobile solution for NGOs and charities that need to produce fresh, healthy food quickly in challenging environments like refugee camps and deprived urban areas.

  • Turnkey system designed to maximise operational efficiency and workflow
  • Ideal growing environment 365 days a year
  • Can be placed in any geographical location
  • Control systems automatically respond to smart sensors to optimise climate, nutrients, water levels and CO2
  • Automated scheduling reduces labour and human intervention

Built in pest management system means no need for pesticides


The IAG Grow Frame is our patented vertical framework of aeroponic growing modules, allowing you to grow strong, nutritious crops without the need for soil, sunshine or space.

The GrowFrame is unique in the global market thanks to its vertical grow wall technology , producing healthier root systems and thus more vigorous crop growth than its horizontal frame competitors.

Each GrowFrame is 2 metres high and 1.2 metres wide, containing an average of 330 growing modules with 16 full spectrum LED lights and full irrigation technology. Our automated mist system feeds the crops for 26 days, producing an impressive 14 harvesting cycles per year.

 The GrowFrame is flexible, modular technology that can be installed anywhere and scaled up or down. Whatever space you have – from a single shipping container to industrial size warehouses – we can design a bespoke installation of GrowFrames to suit your needs and maximise your returns. Our end-to-end service means we can even manage and maintain your farm remotely, allowing you to enjoy a completely hands-off farming experience.

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