Full Service Solutions

If you’re interested in setting up your own indoor farm, but don’t have the time to manage and maintain it yourself, rest assured that IAG can take care of everything.

  • Consultation
    We will discuss your specific needs and ambitions with you in depth, as well as assessing which precise combination of technologies would best suit your space and maximise your yields.

  • Design

We will design a practical, affordable installation that perfectly suits your space and your choice of crops, meticulously calibrating all aspects of your indoor farm, including irrigation, lighting, heating/cooling systems etc.

  • Construction
    Whether you’re setting up in a single shipping container or you’ve got thousands of square feet to play with, our team will fit out your space with the best in indoor farming technologies as swiftly as possible.

  • Management

From seed to harvest, cycle after cycle, we can manage every stage of your indoor crops. Our state-of-the-art sensors and automated control systems ensure that carbon dioxide, temperature, nutrient levels etc are optimised, while we can remotely monitor and adjust any aspect from our head office.


To find out more about how IAG can help you get started in the indoor farming industry or take your indoor farm to the next level, please get in touch