Sensors and Control Systems

Smart Sensors

IAG deploys smart sensors in our complete growing systems and bespoke solutions to monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, nutrient levels, VPD (vapour pressure deficit) and light levels with extreme accuracy.

Our technologies tell you exactly what your crops need and when they need it, delivering real-time data for reporting, analytics or alerts and feeding information to our control systems.

Get a more accurate understanding of your plants and their growing environment, with sensors that provide crop-level, granular monitoring alongside the macro overview provided by climate control systems.

Use high-resolution sensor data to drive crop yields, reduce losses, optimise irrigation, prevent disease and reduce unnecessary energy use.

Our sensors are perfectly designed for agricultural conditions; accurate, watertight, airtight and built for perfect connectivity while withstanding harsh environments.

Control Systems

IAG’s control systems are the brain of your indoor farm, processing the data gathered from your smart sensors and translating it into corrective action.

Climate control systems create the perfect temperature and humidity. Supplemental lighting, CO2 enrichment and shade systems optimise conditions for photosynthesis. Pump, valve and feed systems ensure ideal irrigation round the clock. Advanced algorithms and commercial pH and TDS probes ensure perfect acidity levels, as well as operational consistency and accuracy.

Our systems allow you to simply enter your fertigation recipe in ml/gallon and set a target parts per million; IAG’s technologies will then automatically throttle up or down to hit your target. Nutrient dosing and irrigation can be manually scheduled, fully automated in line with soil moisture sensors, or a combination of the two.

All of which means you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that nothing is getting in the way of your crops’ healthy growth.