3 Things That Will Amaze You About Agri-Tech

1. Agri-tech industries are set to grow largely over the next 15 years!

In 2013, the agri-tech sector contributed £14 billion to the UK economy and in the next few years this will see further growth.

A new million square-foot agri-tech park is being proposed in Cambridge, UK where said park could create up to 4,000 jobs.

But this phenomenon isn’t onlylocalised to UK borders, across the globe, the Indian government has encouraged agri-tech startups to build a strong framework for the country’s agricultural growth. They’ve recognised that innovative agri-tech has the ability to change the way we combat problems that we have always faced.

Watch out for emerging technologies which produce environmentally friendly processes for essential systems such as food production and water conservation. They’ll soon be on everyone’s lips!

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